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Montana NBC Spartan Race Recap

Going into the Spartan Race Montana Sprint I wasn’t sure if my legs would be fully recovered after the US Army Best Ranger Competition a couple weeks prior, but that wasn’t going to stop me from pushing the pace as best I could. I put in a hard week followed by a good recovery week

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2015 in review

It has been a great year, I did my first Spartan Race in June and was immediately hooked. The following months I spent focusing on techniques and maximizing my strong suits in each race. After completing all the OCR worlds champ races back to back, becoming the Spartan World Champion in October was one of

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Worlds Toughest Mudder ’15

I found out about WTM, much like OCRWC, a couple days after the Spartan World Champs. While still in Tahoe, my brother in law signed up and asked if I was also going. My schedule was free that week so I said why not. Then after looking at some videos and blogs about WTM, I

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