Chicago Spartan Race Recap

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Before going into my race recap for the crazy back to back Spartan Race Chicago Super, 12 HR HH, and Sprint I want to give you a little background as to what drove me to think up this extremely challenging goal of mine. If you just want to read the recap, click these links Super, 12 HR HH, Sprint.

Earlier in the year when I was putting together my race schedule, the goal of earning the perfect Spartan Delta was certainly a driving force. A goal to complete not only the normal 3x trifecta of a Spartan Race sprint, super, and beast but to obtain the training and endurance trifecta as well. I want to truly embrace all that Spartan Race has to offer; it’s not just a race but a movement to make people stronger in every aspect. Joe De Sena is determined to get people off the couch and to do something physically and mentally challenging, and I fully support him. To overcome obstacles not only the course but in life as well and by doing so joining a community of Spartan athletes that is unlike any other in the world.

Get your Trifecta or even sign up for Spartan X or SGX to see for yourself what I’m talking about. And for those who really want to go the extra mile, don’t worry; the Spartan Race 12 hour Hurricane Heat, Agoge, and Ultra Beast are waiting for you. As for myself, early in the season I was already testing my mind and body during the first ever winter Agoge 001 with -15 deg temps in Pittsfield, VT. After earning my first and certainly most difficult piece of the perfect Spartan Delta I was eager to come back for a much warmer Agoge 002 later in the year. However, that would soon change as the result of yet another goal I’d been working on since 2009, winning the US Army Best Ranger Competition.

For this achievement Erich and I were invited to be honored at the US Army Birthday Ball in Washington DC by the Secretary of the Army, Chief of Staff and Sergeant Major of the Army. I immediately asked when this would take place and of course it was during the same weekend as Agoge 002. Good thing I sucked it up during the winter and got that one out the way early because there would be no way for me to attend 002. At this point I had only one race under my belt winning the Atlanta Spartan Sprint and earning my second of the nine pieces required for my perfect Spartan delta.

As for my training schedule, I now had a void to fill thinking that I didn’t want to push it three weekends in a row after a big US Championship Series race by also attending Agoge, so I had nothing planned for the weekend before.  I thought, well let’s get online and see what’s going on in the Spartan world the second weekend of June. I knew that I had the NBC Monterey Super race on 4 June so doing another big event might not be the smartest choice, but life is full of easy and I wanted to do something hard. The Chicago Super and Sprint weekend and Tri-State New York Sprint were my two options. I knew that the competition in Chicago would be tough that weekend because both races were for money being two different distances, but I set the goal to win both back to back anyway.

Then I found out there would also be two endurance events going on in Chicago as well. My initial reaction was to do all four and make my own Agoge 48 weekend. However, the timing would only work out for me to fit the 12 HR HH in between the two races. Win an elite Spartan super, go into a 12 HR HH, then immediately transition to the elite heat of the Spartan sprint. To my knowledge, a task that has never been attempted or accomplished, which just drove me even more to set the bar high and earn another piece to my delta in a more meaningful manner.

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