Chicago Spartan Race Sprint

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Knowing the course after running the Super was the first thing on my mind when we started. I was quickly accessing how I was feeling after pretty much going nonstop for the past 24 hours, and also looking around to see whose heels I would be on. No surprise that the 2nd and 4th place finishers from the super race were out front and I knew it was going to be a hard race to win. I pushed the first mile hard to get out before we hit the mud pits where my goal was to recover since no one would be moving fast. I was out front and wanted to try and stay out of site. With all the twists and turns on the course if you were out in front by 30 seconds it was very hard for anyone to see you so in their mind you could be gone by minutes. We got to the bucket and I was able to see the distance I had, which wasn’t much at only about 40 seconds.

After that I started to hit a bit of a wall and thought a victory just wasn’t going to happen. I then thought about how important it was to accomplish my goals and how far I had already come. I wanted to make history and do something that my children could always look up to. So I ignored everything that was telling me to slow down and I pushed harder. I knew after such a long night traveling about 10 miles with weight and over 350 burpees my grip strength might be shot and the rig was going to be a pure guts obstacle. 575ee582cc7ee32850472ae3I got through it and pushed through the other obstacles thinking about that last mile of mud and the only obstacle that was standing in my way, the spear throw. I went into it with everyone cheering me on and at that point failing wasn’t an option. I took my time, focused and actually almost overshot it from throwing so hard, but it stuck. I was almost in disbelief running the final 400m to the finish at what I had accomplished. I was met by all the other 12 HR HH finishers who really made that moment special by presenting me with the third piece of my delta earned that weekend. Just knowing they could have taken off to get some much needed sleep, but stuck around to see me finish was awesome. Those are the type of relationships that are built during Spartan Endurance events. It’s only something you’ll know and understand at the finish.


A big thanks to all my sponsors who make it possible for me to represent the USA at Spartan Race and other OCR events. Ascent Protein: for rapidly helping to rebuild muscle with the new benchmark in protein purity. HyperWear: for the one of a kind Hyper Vest Pro and SandBells keeping me ready for those heavy carries. CeraSport: for electrolyte support. Tailwind Nutrition: for fueling me during the Spartan Endurance Hurricane Heat. WearBands: for the great resistance system keeping my legs strong. Mudgear: for the best socks. Reebok: for the all-terrain Super ORs keeping me in contact with the ground.

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