Best Ranger Competition 2016

Winning 2016 Best Ranger Competition.

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This was my 5th attempt at BRC and I wanted the win more than ever after 2nd place in ’14 and ’15. It was tough, but Erich and I got it. Our names added to what in my mind is the most elite list of names out there; the 63 winners of the David E. Grange Jr. Best Ranger Competition. For me, it’s important to remember how I got here; first off I need to thank my uncle, and fellow Ranger, Taube Roy. He raised me to be resilient and to never quit. I admire and will always look up to him. CSM (R) John Burns, my coach, and the Warrior Training Center who always puts the National Guard competitors before their own agenda and was with us every step of the way. We appreciate you! Grant Barge, Page, my first partner, who introduced me to Best Ranger in 2009 immediately following a yearlong deployment to Iraq. COL Liam Collins, my mentor, who inspires me to never let him down and was the last Green Beret to claim the title back in 2007. Thanks to my family and friends who came out to watch us compete, especially my wife Maxine who supports me the most. It meant a lot to see those faces at the end of each event and gave us that extra push when we needed it most. Lastly, and most importantly I I’d like to thank my partner, Erich, an incredible shot and such a strong tenacious partner. When I felt he was about to break, he’d dig deeper and push harder. He’s one of the hardest working soldiers I know and I couldn’t have done it without him. I’ve spent countless hours trying to accomplish this goal, and along the way there were way more setbacks than I was expecting. More than any other question I was asked along the way was, why I keep coming back. Well it’s simple; I don’t quit! If you want something bad enough, no one can hold you back; you will find a way to succeed, you will work harder than everyone else, you won’t let the negativity from others distract you, and you will be humble remembering who got you to the point you’re at today. Erich and I set a goal and were committed to accomplishing it no matter what, we wanted it more and we put in the effort to push harder when we needed it most. We earned it battling along the way against a very strong and professional team who made this the most epic BRC in history, 1st Sgt. David Floutier and SSG Joshua Rolfes. A final thanks to ARTB for putting on such an amazing event, a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes to make BRC happen and it doesn’t go unnoticed. RLTW!


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