Trying out Miami Battlefrog

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I finished my first elite Battle Frog OCR recently. Thank you Dung H. Kim for all the amazing pictures and support out there, can’t wait to see the rest. Once again, the rig was my nemesis on lap 1 with muddy and wet hands, but I was able to correct that mistake on lap 2. I kept my hands high and dry in the tunnel and stayed to the left on Delta ladder where there was no mud. I breezed right through the rig like I was on my first lap, not second. It’s definitely an obstacle where technique is key and I’m getting better each time I get on it. Can’t wait for my Spartan rig to arrive so I can focus on this obstacle all winter! Overall I’m satisfied with the race today considering the amount of miles I put on my legs last week, over 100 miles and 300+ obstacles in just 3 days of training between WTM and the BRC assessment. My ankles were definitely bothering me a bit coming off of the walls on lap two so I had to slow the pace down quite a bit, but still managed to finish in the top 15. Thanks to Rosie Archuleta Sanchez and Bravo company for all the support. If you’re a veteran or still serving make sure to check out their page. And if you need support don’t hesitate to ask, that’s what we’re here for! #bravocompany #spartanproteam #getthatrig #legendborne #100mileweek12241339_769398469832850_3905641895820117217_n

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